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Gibbs Cam saving to OneDrive

If your Gibbs Cam file is not syncing check the sync status-

Right click on the OneDrive "bluecloud" in the taskbar area-
At the top of the OneDrive information area if there is a sync problem it will have an information area that will explain what needs to be done-
Click on the Information area(highlighted green in the picture below)
As you can see the error reason is "This file is in use"
One Drive will not sync if the file is open by a program, in this case it is Gibbs Cam

Option 1-
Save the program and close the open file
Option 2-
If you want to be able to keep the file open but still have it sync to the FADAL kiosk do the following-
In the program go to -
File-Save (just to make sure that the file is saved)
Then click on "Save As"

Rename the file using your preferred naming method.  
In this example I am naming it with a V1(version 1) at the end.
The V1 will not sync but the other version will now sync.
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